5 Tips To Keep Your Skin Looking Great

5 Tips To Keep Your Skin Looking Great

You know, the truth is that you don’t need to over complicate things in order to keep your skin looking great. What you need however, is to do is go back to the basics. Living a healthy lifestyle coupled with spending a little time on your skin will help your skin look great and it may prevent you from having potential skin problems in the future which includes causes of blemishes. Here are five basic tips that everyone should be doing, but aren’t.

Limit Sun Exposure

Excessive exposure to the sun not only puts you at risk of premature aging, but you are also at risk of wrinkles and dark spots. Furthermore, and most importantly, you are increasing the risk of developing skin cancer. Between 10am and 2pm is when the sun’s rays are the strongest so you want to avoid spending too much time out during these times. Excessive sun exposure is one of the leading causes of blemishes. If you do need to be out in the sun, make sure that you are well-protected. First of all, apply sunscreen that is at least SPF 30. But more importantly, wear protective clothing or use wide-brimmed hats. It is better to prevent the sun from hitting your skin then using sunscreen.

Quit Smoking

Smoking is another one of the leading causes of blemishes. If you are not smoking then what ever you do, don’t start. Smoking can destroy collagen and elastin found in your skin. These two are responsible in making your skin strong and elastic. Without these, your skin health will be compromised and the risk of you getting stretch marks will increase drastically. Already have stretch marks? Check out our TriLASTIN-SR reviews here. You will also be more prone to wrinkles. Aside from that, smoking can affect the blood flow therefore your skin will no longer get enough oxygen and nutrients it needs to stay healthy. So if you thought that the high risk of getting lung cancer wasn’t enough to quit smoking, then do it for your skin health! Otherwise you will end up looking old and sick.

Follow A Skin Care Regimen

You need to be more kind to your skin and give it a little more attention, tender, and loving care. Wash your face regularly using natural products. Remove your make-up before going to bed. Don’t take long hot baths as these will strip the natural oils from your skin. Carefully choose the skin care products that you use so you only use the mild ones. Stay away from strong soaps.

Part of your skin care routine should be using moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated. Do not forget to exfoliate weekly so you strip the dead cells off. And when you do need to shave, it is important that your skin is lubricated first with either a shaving cream or a shaving lotion and use a sharp razor.

Eat Healthy

Choose to eat foods that promotes skin health. Foods that are rich in omega-3 essential fatty acids like walnuts can increase collagen production and improve skin’s elasticity. Foods that are rich in Vitamin C will not only boost your immune system, but they will also keep your skin radiant. Instead of snacking on unhealthy foods, grab a piece of fruit instead.

Get Enough Sleep And Rest

When your body is under stress, you are more prone to breakouts and skin problems. Keep your bedroom from unnecessary distractions so you get the much needed rest. A good night’s rest will not only keep you energized but it will also make your skin look young and healthy.

I hope our 5 Tips To Keep Your Skin Looking Great article has been helpful for you.

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