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Fit Without Sports – 6 Simple But Effective Tips

Fit Without Sports – 6 Simple But Effective Tips

So it makes you fit without proper exercise program. There are periods when you have no time for anything. And for sports anyway. But that’s no reason to lie down on lazy! There are tons of ways to accommodate a bit more movement in everyday life and so to make a mini-fitness program along the way – without much time.

I hope you find an answer toFit Without Sports – 6 Simple But Effective Tips in this article.

It starts with the fact that her escalator, lift and car let lie to the left and instead done as much as possible on foot. Even regular Cycling keeps you fit. Who on the way to work or an appointment has a little time to get off the bus early or park the car further away and walk a longer piece on foot.

Use stairs with a difference

Stairs are the perfect everyday tool to keep fit. You can run it up, they run up several times to make at each stage Squat – anything is possible. Just play a few things out – if possible, when you are alone and does not attract the curious stares of the other stairs goers to you.

Jumping Jack

Do you remember the puppet, which ye have made the children’s gymnastics? Which is also called Jumping Jack is really great fitness training. Opens in jumping legs wide and simultaneously raises his arms to the side. Merging the legs brings her hands up in horror.

Makes 20 Jumping Jacks at every available opportunity. In the hallway before you leave the apartment, after coming home before you sit down on the sofa…

Housework with fitness factor

Housework is certainly one of the sport when doing full body application. You can make it even more exhausting by incorporating her some fitness exercises. Power, for example, after each glass plate or cup that you have rinsed her five squats. Also after each part that have dried it.

When making the bed you can directly start five pushups with the bed as a tool to make (arms on the bed lean legs with an appropriate distance up), then after each page made five more.

Go faster

Get used to a faster movement speed. Leisurely Stroll is quite ok while shopping spree, but in everyday life you can calm down a bit and your pulse rate up. That makes you fit and burn a few extra calories.

Dips and sit-ups on the sofa

Before you it makes you comfortable on the sofa, you can use it as a training device. Pinched your feet under the sofa, the legs at a 90 degree angle and doing sit-ups. You can also support your hands on the edge of the seat, put up your feet with some distance to the sofa and make dips for the arms.

Look at her TV can, install it a few exercises during each commercial break. Do you read or knit her a scarf for example, you can insert a small movement break every 30 minutes.

Squats while brushing your teeth

When brushing your teeth, we should indeed actually concentrate on the thorough cleaning of the biter, but as a woman, we are able to multitask. Power either during the squat or sets to each side a squat break. If done right, cleaned up, there are ten squats, another ten, when the top left, is cleaned at the bottom right and bottom left. That’s a total of 40 squats – not bad! Instead of squats you can also do squats, squats with side parted legs. They are great for thighs and buttocks.

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