How to Look Amazing in Front of the Camera

How to Look Amazing in Front of the Camera

Taking pictures has become an art. No one ever enjoys discovering embarrassing, awkward, or just plain unattractive photos; with smartphones attached to us at all times, it’s both easier than ever to take a photo, and to discover just how uncomfortable you appear before the camera. Chances are, you’ve tried a number of tricks, tips, and even poses to make yourself look your best before someone snaps a picture. Whether those past attempts have succeeded or failed, there are a few foolproof ways in which you can maximize what’s around you – and your natural beauty – to look fantastic in your next photo.

Avoid Blinking by Closing Your Eyes

Can’t stand to see another photo in which you’ve blinked at the last minute and unexpectedly shut your eyes? Try to avoid those blinks by closing your eyes before the photo is taken. Right before the shot is taken, open your eyes again to ensure you’re ready right on time.

Eliminate The Double Chin

Sometimes, it seems that no matter what angle a photo is taken from, suddenly unexpected rolls of chins that don’t even exist appear. Try to minimize the downward angling of your head and chin to keep those new “chins” from occurring – stretch out, or elongate, your neck by sticking out your forehead and tipping your chin downward just slightly.

Shrink Your Smile

Are you always caught with a huge, toothy, and silly-looking smile when you attempt to look happy? Try to shrink the size of your smile by utilizing a trick developed by Hollywood stars: press your tongue right behind your teeth every time you crack a smile, and you’ll alter the shape and size of your grin.

Get Rid of Red Eyes

No one enjoys looking like a demon with bright, unavoidable red eyes in every photo. Try to avoid catching the reflection of the camera’s flash in your pupils by angling your eyes towards the nearest light right as photos are taken. When you look toward a light, your pupils will appear smaller and you’ll deflect the sudden onset of red eyes.

Improve Your Angle

Although we all turn our faces and bodies directly toward the camera whenever it’s time to pose for photos, this is a terrible position in which to face every photo. Staring straight into the lens flatters absolutely no one – instead, try to angle your body and your position in order to look both more natural and more realistic. Tilting your head a little bit, or bending an arm and placing a hand on your hip will give you more depth.

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