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If It Itches And Hurts – 5 Tips to Cracked Skin

If It Itches And Hurts – 5 Tips to Cracked Skin

We are to walk in skin wrapped up of the head and usually we feel fit as a fiddle. That changes quickly when we harass small columnar cracks. You do not just hurt like hell; The healing process takes a long time. How do you explain how chapped skin occurs and what you can do about it.

If It Itches And Hurts – 5 Tips to Cracked Skin; As the largest organ of the human skin has a lot to do: She’s protective barrier against external influences and ensures that water and heat will be stored in our body. If the skin is cracked but then she is sick! Just cracked skin needs special and cared for.

I hope you find an answer to If It Itches And Hurts – 5 Tips to Cracked Skin in this article.

Causes of chapped skin

Cracking of the skin can have many causes. The most common are external influences such as cold, heat, sun and water; from within itself dehydration, poor diet, hormonal changes and stress have on the skin condition.

Hands and feet are most commonly used by chapped skin thereby affected, since the skin is much thinner than the rest of the body. She also has little protective sebaceous glands. Join the aforementioned external and internal influences on increased, then the sebaceous glands produce less fat and the skin becomes dry and cracked. With these 5 rules her chapped skin gets back on track:

Cracking of the skin must not be scratched

Dry and chapped areas on the skin itch! Now it says: Stay strong! Who conducts the alleged relief by scratching, worse its location. A soothing cream or anti-itch spray to help break the cycle of itching and scratching to break.

Cracking of the skin must be supplied with sufficient moisture

Very important chapped skin: The skin with adequate moisture supply! Frequent bathing and showering will dry the skin. In a bath with very hot water should completely renounce. Dear lukewarm shower. So that the skin is not irritated, they should not be too much rubbed. Then an anhydrous fat cream massage with gentle, circular motion into the skin.

Chapped skin can not tolerate alcohol

If It Itches And Hurts – 5 Tips to Cracked Skin; This rule applies not only to alcoholic beverages, but also for the care! Products that contain alcohol, dry out the skin. Instead, you should rely on a body wash with a low pH.

Chapped skin needs vitamins

Vitamin deficiency is often a cause of cracked skin. Power Booster in the form of carrots, celery, peppers and sweet potatoes thicken the vitamin A content again. Vitamin B can be found in avocados, bananas, apples and nuts. Spinach, lentils, mushrooms and oats are full of biotin – a beauty vitamin that is responsible for the beauty of skins hair & nails.

Chapped skin needs rest and relaxation

Plenty to do at work or fight with your partner? Stress is also a reason for dry, cracked skin! So relax, unwind and relax again. Uses the weekends to enjoy a walk in nature. Lots of exercise helps to regulate blood flow to the skin; Sweat cleans the pores and then showering flushes from dead skin cells.

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