Keep Your Brain Cells Fit and Fitmake yourself smart

Keep Your Brain Cells Fit

This 10 rituals that will definitely make smarter! Now 1 to 10 of our article titled Keep Your Brain Cells Fit and Fitmake yourself smart:

1- Meditate
That exercise is good for the body, everyone knows! But you also knew that yoga and other meditative exercises can help to improve your concentration, reduce stress and keep your brain fit? Best expanding its regular Yoga sessions in your everyday life. The one or other exercise can also be great to implement during the lunch break.

2- Train attention
The man of today is primarily a problem: the constant sensory overload! With the phone at the ear is pursued in the Tramway simultaneously the conversations of people around, leafing casually in a magazine and goes in the head the to-do list for the day through. Complete excessive demand for the brain! Focused on you ONE thing! Brought to you by, for example, just listen to the friend on the other end of the line. You will notice if you focus on one particular thing, you are much more productive and your brain more powerful.

3- Nerve nutrition
Proper nutrition can influence the thinking ability of the brain critical. It’s best to start therefore already in the morning with a breakfast rich in vitamins and minerals in the day. How about, for example with nuts in breakfast or a hard boiled egg? Our tip: Blueberries! The not only taste good but also protect the brain in front of aging and improve the learning ability.

4- Classical music
Rather than end the evening too fast techno beats, you could just hang up a bit of classical times. Of course, not everyone meets the musical taste, but the soothing side effect is not to be underestimated! Scientific evidence shows that classical music improves the mind, it does not actually exist. It is undisputed, however, that this creativity is encouraged and can concentrate better.

5- New Tasks
At each new task you grow as we know! So you look for but a new hobby or learn a new language. Too time consuming? Then you will smaller tasks, and replaces a Crossword before bedtime or download you a brain training app on your mobile phone. The main thing your brain regularly receives new impulses and do something …

6- Read faster
When we read a text quickly, we can quickly collect and process more information. A great challenge for our brain. But do not worry, no one has fallen as Speed Reader from the sky! Using special techniques, you can teach yourself how to read fast itself. An attempt is worth it!

7- Pick up the pen
In times of smartphones and tablet computers, we have become lazy in writing. Why the diary or notebook whip out when the phone but all can at once? But who wants to claim his brain a bit more, which should be upheld between just once to the pin and because writing stimulates the brain cells. How about, for example, with a diary? Every day a few lines can record work wonders and you also all your best memories in black and white.

8- Workout memory
The human brain learns best when you repeat things over and over again. You can simply you do not notice the phone number of your sweetheart or your best friend? Then she tells you every day a few times aloud. Eventually they will remain secure hanging. If you want your brain otherwise require something, learn something more heart. For example, a poem. Or vocabulary. So your brain cells get something up to speed!

9- Music
Those who learn an instrument, his brain additionally supports. Supposedly created while playing music namely countless new neural connections. So it takes time to fiddle, guitar or cello and try it!

10- Sleep
Scientists have found that people who sleep every night only about four hours, increasingly have problems with the rate of reaction, concentration and memory. In other words: A lot and most of all good sleep is important for the human brain! How many hours are per night, varies from person to person, but on average the body needs between seven and nine hours of sleep for the next day to be really powerful. Is even more effective when you go every day at the same time in bed.

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