Little BigPlanet

Little BigPlanet

What would be the PlayStation without one of its flagships. This refers, of course, the cute Sackboy from Little Big Planet. At E3 2014, Sony has now announced the third part of the creative Jump and Run-puzzlers for the PlayStation 4.

Not enough that you your Sackboy could you previously own by changing your ideas, then you are among the walking sock also three other friends to the page whose appearance dürft also edit it according to your taste.

Little BigPlanet 3: New Friends

Oddsock, Swoop and Toogle are the new Companions Sackboy and of course bring all their own abilities and advantages with.

So Oddsock is an enraged spring quadruped that can bounce against walls and over. Swoop flies through the air, and may as his comrades a lift while toggle can resize it and then either pass through tiny holes and can walk on water, or may proceed as Big toggle through obstacles.

But Sackboy has learned and can use a new climbing ability and use various new power-ups such as the Pumpinator.

Little BigPlanet 3: Still Modder-Friendly

If you have put in hours of Little Big Planet 2 and their own levels have created, you will not have you grieve. A total of 8.5 million level of the community are also available in Little Big Planet 3 and see a logical way here again better.

But not only old features come in LBP 3 again to fruition. In the next few months until the release in November, the developers plan to introduce any further changes and especially the creative levels of Little Big Planet 3 illuminate.

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