Rayman Legends

Rayman Legends

Attentive fans of non-members Rayman will have done in the first surfaced Teaser their thoughts to the fact that the official successor of Rayman Origins 2 would not bear the name. But seriously: Such a hero deserves a worthy title, so why not the same Rayman Legends.

Rayman Legends: The Limbless Legend

Just in time for – hopefully – pending announcement of Nintendo’s new console Wii U Ubisoft also wishes to speak, the way yes known cozy like to sell directly launch title. With Rayman Legends of fun platform hero thus comes to the Wii U and put it there to do with far more difficult challenges than in Rayman Origins.

Because in addition to old friends from the predecessor await us in game addition dragons, vampires, ghouls and more horrors of the fantasy world.

Rayman Legends: Hop, Skip and Beat More

But do not worry if you do not want to set equal to a new console and still want to play with Rayman: The reference to Wii U -exclusive features suggests that Rayman Legends will be released for several other platforms.

Update: On 20/02/2014 game will now finally for next-gen consoles PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

On April 27, overtook the inclined shaft player the first trailer, which promised to a new playable characters, as well as some of the other new features announced. How to play multiplayer games online is also possible and Ubisoft puts a new focus on the socialization of Rayman future.

Fascinating is the announcement of the NFC, with their action figures can integrate from the U-Store on the touchpad into play shall. That is why, more Rabbids and even Ezio Auditore soon be involved in the merry Rayman universe. The more we learn in today’s presentation of Ubisoft’s line-up.

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