The 10 most annoying types of social network

The 10 most annoying types of social network
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Does anyone annoys everyone: If you have people with friends who play on a social network with its constant livid!

In a survey conducted a while ago, what type and what behavior annoys users in social networks the most. These are the types of users that have been doing the most frequently mentioned:

The would-be philosopher

Nerve factor: Nervt 54 percent.

Therefore, it is annoying: He loves vertrakte to post profound quotes. Ideally, such that no one understands except him. His goal: He wants to be as interesting and trumpeting his wisdom to the world. A kind of philosophical limelight.

The checker

Nerve factor: Nervt 47 percent.

Therefore, it is annoying: He is a jetsetter, bon vivant, a celebration Beast and constantly vacationers. He sits permanently on the hot spots on the planet and divides his oh-so-great luxury life only too happy with his audience – also known friends.

The Selfie Junkie

Nerve factor: Nervt 39 percent.

That’s why he sucks: Fast pulled a sweet flap and there goes your next dream Selfie. The Selfie Junkie is so narcissistic that he can hardly stand a few minutes, without a photograph of yourself. And post course. The main thing then it hails Likes and comments like You Pretty!- Wow, How can you be so beautiful?

The proud parents

Nerve factor: Nerve 35 percent.

Therefore, they annoy: Madness! The child can smile, sit and eat porridge? So I quickly took a picture and posted. No matter how trite it is what the baby does: Many parents go naturally assume that you shoot the rest of humanity a burning interest.

The player

Nerve factor: Nervt 31 percent.

Therefore, it is annoying: You have a new Candy Crush request. Or Farmville. Or whatever. Is bad enough when people can enjoy playing computer games for hours, but they must also be a ?? invite to constantly!

The Feeling Exhibitionist

Nerve factor: Nervt 27 percent.

Therefore, it is annoying: The Feeling exhibitionist want to share everything with – unfortunately, things that are very intimate and also did not want everyone to know. Moods, rash, excitement – everything is told in minute detail.

The life-present all-commenters

Nerve factor: Nervt 24 percent.

That’s why he sucks: This guy has an opinion about everything and everyone. And commented and liked what it’s worth. And that at any time day or night, for life-online he is.

The promoter

Nerve factor: Nervt 20 percent.

Therefore, it is annoying: The duration promoter stirred quite busy the big drum, because he has discovered the social networks as the perfect platform for themselves. A potholder bazaar or a new drum group, the new label company of XY or just a miserable event – everything here is touted as sour beer.

The Fitness Freak

Nerve factor: Nervt 19 percent.

Therefore, it is annoying: The Fitness Freak is a common dog. For he constantly posting pictures of yourself – sweaty in the gym after a workout with abs, etc. – and makes sure that you feel again really bad. ‘Cause you’re not just sitting there with sweaty six-pack, but is probably just begrudge a piece of chocolate.

The Foodie

Nerve factor: Nervt 14 percent.

Therefore, it is annoying: The Foodie photographed each of his meals and post them immediately. Be happy with such thoughtful comments like Mmmhhhh, yammi! They envisage ever before, like a couple sitting romantic at an Italian restaurant, the food comes from and he must first pull out the phone (Stop, honey. Not eat, I have to take a picture!).

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